'The correlation is incredible': CNN analyst stunned by links between Trump-voting states and low vaccination rate

CNN polling analyst Harry Enten was astonished on Thursday after he examined the correlation between Trump-voting states and states with low vaccination rates.

While breaking down the latest numbers on different states' vaccination rates, Enten noted that whether a state voted for Trump in 2020 was a strong indicator of whether a large percentage of its population had been vaccinated.

"The correlation is incredible," he said. "Look at the states right now where the adult population, at least 70 percent, is vaccinated: Blue, Joe Biden won them. Look at that! It's all blue!"

Enten then showed a map of states where fewer than 70 percent of residents had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

"Look at all that red on the map," he said. "Only five Biden states have less than 70 percent of adults with at least one dose, while all 25 states that trump won are under that 70 percent threshold. I just never see correlations like this -- it's incredible!"

Enten also suggested that President Joe Biden's urging more Americans to get vaccinated is likely to fall on deaf ears among hardcore Trump voters and he would have to find an alternative way to get more people vaccinated.

Watch the video below.

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