'My family is gone!' Gut-wrenching video shows Kentucky dad driven to tears over vaccine conspiracies
COVID Vaccination (AFP)

A viral video shows a Kentucky father begging his daughter -- and offering her cash -- to avoid the coronavirus vaccine.

The video was posted on TikTok by a woman named Brianna, who said her father offered to pay her $2,000 if she wouldn't get the vaccine, and shows him sobbing and lamenting that she and her mother, who had already been vaccinated, would be dead from the side effects by this year's flu season.

"It is not a vaccine," he says. "It is a human trial, it is genetic therapy. It's not a vaccine, it doesn't fall under the category of a vaccine. It's not FDA approved."

The unidentified father was repeating a mishmash of conspiracy theories about the mRNA vaccines, which have received emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration and are not a form of genetic therapy and are not designed to alter genes in any way.

"Why are you trying to buy me off?" Brianna asks.

The father breaks down at that point, and shows the emotional turmoil he's suffering from the online conspiracy theories.

"Because I love you, why do you think I want to buy you off?" he says. "I know you don't [want money], but I don't know what else to do."

Brianna points out that he didn't offer money to two other individuals, possibly her siblings, who have already gotten the vaccine, and the man becomes distraught.

"Don't you think I know that?" he says, sobbing. "What, do you think I'm f*cking crazy? Your mother got it -- why do you think I'm f*cking crazy. My family is gone! My family is gone! By the end of this flu season most of you will be dead! What the f*ck do you expect me to be?"

The man's fear about his vaccinated loved ones appears to be based on a conspiracy theory that claims the COVID-19 vaccines will cause lethal symptoms from the flu and common cold later this year, but those doses would not enhance the symptoms of another illness.


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