California cops searching for hit and run driver accused of 'intentionally' sideswiping vaccine worker: report
Crime scene (Shuttershock)

According to a report from the Mercury News, police in Newhall -- a community in Santa Clarita, California -- are searching for a driver accused of hitting a health care worker with their car before speeding off.

The incident happened on Saturday, with Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department adding that the vehicular attack that also knocked over some displays appears to have been "intentional."

The Mercury News reports, "A motive for the apparent attack, which involved the driver hitting the worker with the car's side mirror at the clinic at a Los Angeles County facility on Market Street at around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday," adding, "No one else was hurt during the incident. The worker who was hit was left with minor injuries and declined to be taken to a hospital."

"Vaccination clinics, especially large facilities in Los Angeles, have been the site of protests from anti-vaccination activists spreading misinformation about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines," the report states. "An anti-vaccination protest in Downtown L.A. outside of City Hall last week saw violence between anti-vaccine activists and counter-protesters, with at least one man being stabbed."

Police state that the vehicle was described as a grey sedan with no description given of the driver.