MAGA ex-Democrat goes down in flames in Georgia runoff — despite Trump's endorsement: report
Vernon Jones on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Associated Press projected that former Georgia state Sen. Vernon Jones has lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Georgia's 10th Congressional District.

Jones, a former Democrat who left his party after proclaiming his support for former President Donald Trump, lost the nomination for the safely Republican seat to businessman Mike Collins — despite the former president's glowing endorsement for the seat.

Trump made the endorsement in February, saying “When it comes to Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, I have only one choice, and the man’s name is Vernon Jones, a very special person.”

Jones, a controversial figure who also faces a rape allegation, had originally planned a run for governor, attacking incumbent Republican Brian Kemp for not throwing out President Joe Biden's win in the state.

However, Trump pushed him out of that race in return for endorsing him in the congressional race, preferring instead to back former Sen. David Perdue for the gubernatorial contest.

Perdue, who also ran on Trump's conspiracy theories that the election was stolen, lost his bid as voters renominated Kemp for a second term in late May.