New videos show guard taking violent inmate out of jail before hitting the road
This combination of pictures shows Alabama prison officer Vicki White (L) and a mugshot of Casey White, who are unrelated, and are sought by law enforcement who say the corrections officer participated in Casey White's escape. (AFP)

New videos show Alabama prison guard Vicky White went to great lengths to break a violent murderer out of jail in Lauderdale County.

The 56-year-old White vanished Friday with 38-year-old Casey White, who's not related, and newly released videos show her escorting the shackled inmate into the back of her patrol car the morning they disappeared after telling colleagues she was taking him for a mental health evaluation, reported The Daily Beast.

“We got information from some of the inmates over the weekend, that they had a relationship,” Sheriff Rick Singleton told WAAY 31. “What they were talking about was he had extra food on his trays. He was getting special privileges. She was doing special things for him that other inmates didn’t get. That he was getting treated special.”

The 6-foot-9 White, who had been sentenced in 2019 to 75 years in prison for a crime spree that included trying to kill his ex-girlfriend and killing a dog, was awaiting trial for stabbing 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway to death in 2015.

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Authorities believe the prison guard met White in 2020 when he was brought to the jail for an arraignment, and they said the pair did not have physical contact but their relationship extended past Vicky White's working hours.

Casey White was supposed to be supervised by two deputies but Vicky White told her subordinate that other officers had left and she was the only one with a firearm.

The pair drove to a nearby shopping center and exchanged the patrol car for a copper-colored 2007 Ford Edge SUV, but investigators believe they may have already ditched that car.

“We are freaking out,” said Casey White's ex-girlfriend, who fears he may track her down. “We don’t know if he is going to show up and take us out like he tried to do before.”

VIDEO: Vicky White and Casey White, Lauderdale County Detention Center