Charles Franklin Barnes

A resident of the notoriously conservative retirement community The Villages has been arrested for possible voter fraud.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Charles Franklin Barnes is the fourth member of the community arrested for casting fraudulent ballots. WKMG reported that Barnes voted both in Florida and in Connecticut during the 2020 election.

Barnes was caught after anonymous emails were sent to the Florida’s Secretary of State in May 2021 by someone naming themselves as "Totes Legit Votes," say court records.

Raw Story reached out to the Connecticut Secretary of State's office and they explained that Barnes removed himself from the voter registry in Aug. 2021. Before that, however, he'd voted in every election since 2020 by mail even though he was registered and living in Florida. Most people change their registration or their address, replacing the existing one. Barnes took the extra step removing himself from the rolls, which the office explained is rare. For most of 2020 Barnes had also been voting by mail, the office revealed.

Barnes isn't registered with any political party in Connecticut, so it's unclear who his candidate of choice was. Barnes was taken to the Sumter County Jail. He joins Villages residents Joan Halstead, Jay Ketcik and John Rider in facing felony charges of casting more than one ballot. The three were all Trump supporters.

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In the comment to WKMG, the tipster said, "I believe that if hundreds of people sign sworn affidavits that they saw election irregularities, people should at least try to check into it. You can’t claim ‘the system is working’ if random internet people have to find the violations for you."

The Connecticut Secretary of State's office also explained that both their state and Florida are part of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) system, which means the 30 states who use it are constantly checking and rechecking their data and updates. So, there is a very high likelihood that the system already knew that Barnes had voted in two states and had the information necessary to indict.

The Villages voted 68.8 percent for Trump in 2016.

Read the full report at the Orlando Sentinel.

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