'No one is above the law': Alexander Vindman demands Trump be 'brought to justice' for Ukraine bribery scandal

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman spoke to CNN's Jim Acosta Sunday, saying that he wants former President Donald Trump to be brought to justice for all of his illegal behavior around the Ukraine bribery scandal.

Trump asked for "favors" if Ukraine wanted the money and weapons the U.S. had allocated to them. He later claimed it was a "perfect" call and that he did nothing wrong, releasing the accounting of the call that was previously classified. It instead proved the scandal was real.

Declassified text of Trump's Ukraine call notes Photo: Scren capture

Trump was impeached the first time for the scandal but was never held accountable by the Republican Senate. Outside of impeachment, however, there are charges that Vindman wants to see so that Trump ultimately receives the justice Vindman believes he deserves.

"The president should be brought to justice, he's not above the law. I felt that was the case when I reported a presidential wrongdoing and presidential abuse of power," said Vindman. "And if he lies in front of the commission, then he should suffer the consequences."

He also wants to see Trump subpoenaed before Congress to answer for the Ukraine scandal and the coverup that followed.

See the full interview below:

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