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Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Asatur Yesayants/Shutterstock)

According to the Daily Beast's Allison Quinn, Vladimir Putin's days as the president of Russia are numbered, with reports claiming members of his inner circle are already looking for his successor.

The report states that the Russian strongman is not in danger of a coup as the country reels from the invasion of Ukraine that has not only gone poorly but led to worldwide sanctions that have crippled the Russian economy.

Nonetheless, it seems his tenure is coming to a close.

According to Quinn, reporting from independent media outlet Meduza indicated, "several sources close to the Russian presidential administration who said officials are increasingly fed up with Putin personally."

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As one source put it, "It’s not about them wanting to prepare a plot and overthrow Putin right now. But there is an understanding, or a desire, that in the fairly foreseeable future he will not run the country."

Another Kremlin source added, "There are probably almost no [members of the elite] who are satisfied with Putin. [The business community] and many members of the government are unhappy that the president started the war without thinking about the scale of sanctions—it’s impossible to live with such sanctions."

Among those under consideration as his successor are Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, former President Dmitry Medvedev and Putin administration first deputy chief of staff Sergei Kirienko.

Another source told Meduza that the botched war with Ukraine has become a central concern, stating, "The problems [in Russia due to the war] are already evident, and in the middle of the summer they will just come pouring down from all directions: transportation, medicine, even agriculture. Nobody thought about such a scale [of impacts].”

As the Beast's Quinn notes, "... according to Meduza, Putin himself is still willfully blind, insisting that the country’s growing economic problems have nothing to do with the war. And even those officials who have been discussing potential successors in private know the only way for Putin’s departure is if his health—which has been at the center of rampant rumors about terminal illness in recent months—takes a major turn for the worse."

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