W. Kamau Bell fears being targeted by cops after talking 'honestly' about 'defund the police' on CNN
CNN/screen grab

CNN host W. Kamau Bell revealed on Thursday that he's "nervous" that he could be a target for law enforcement after speaking out about the need to reform policing.

During an appearance on CNN to promote his United Shades of America program, Bell reacted to a decision by North Carolina officials to delay the release of body camera footage that shows the killing of Andrew Brown at the hands of Pasquotank County deputies.

"It feels like the police in Elizabeth City don't want to happen where they are what has happening around the world," Bell explained, "is that police are now being held accountable and the public is able to put pressure on the police department to hold themselves accountable and for the justice system to hold them accountable. It feels like they are trying to delay that."

"The moment won't be different until we change the system of policing in this country," he added.

CNN's Poppy Harlow asked Bell what he hoped people would take away from the next episode of his show, which covers the "defund the police" movement.

"I tell it as a Black man in America who's also nervous that he's talking so honestly about policing if I can be honest with you," Bell said.

"Really?" Harlow replied.

"Yeah, of course," Bell said. "We are very clear about what we think is wrong or what I think is wrong. And I've still got to leave my house and be a Black man in America."

"At the very least," he continued, "what I want people to walk away with is an understanding of what the defund the police movement is so that if you hear it, you will be able to talk about it intelligently instead of just being afraid of the hashtag."

Watch the video below from CNN.