Panic erupts after Walmart shopper accidentally shoots himself and three other people with a single bullet

A man fumbled with his gun while inside a Georgia Walmart, causing it to discharge and strike four people including himself -- with a single bullet. The man is now recovering from his injuries, WSB-TV reports.

Michael Walton, 29, was carrying the gun in his waistband unholstered when it began sliding down his leg, causing him to grab for it.

“The gun was in his waistband not holstered and loaded. The gun slipped down his leg, he attempted to grab it, and was somehow manipulating the weapon and discharged the firearm,” said Sgt. Akeem Turnbull with Lovejoy Police.

“One of the victims also got hit in the leg. The other one got hit in the back of the leg and the other one got some bruising. All of them were towards the lower portions of the bodies," Turnbull added.

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The gunshot sparked panic inside the store. “There were people running... Another Walmart worker came up to me and said there is blood everywhere down there,” a woman who was inside the store told CBS46 News.

In a statement released to WSB-TV, Walmart said the "safety and well-being of our customers and associates is always a top priority."

All the victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries.