'I would stay quiet': Kash Patel warned he's putting himself in greater peril by defending Trump
Kash Patel (Photo via AFP)

One of Donald Trump's biggest supporters was given a stern lecture on CNN on Monday, with a veteran prosecutor suggesting he needs to step away and be quiet lest he make his own legal problems worse.

Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, has recently taken to the airwaves to defend the former president's decision to squirrel away sensitive government documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Appearing on CNN with host Abby Phillip, former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rodgers claimed all of the former president's defenders who are floating excuses for Trump are making things worse for the former president, but Patel is dragging both Trump and himself down.

After sharing a clip of the former Trump appointee attempting to make the case that Trump could blanket declassify top secret documents and saying the real culprits are the federal workers who shipped the boxes to Florida, Rodgers said his explanation was nonsensical.

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"Even if that were the case, would that be a defense?" host Phillip asked.

"It's not," the Columbia Law school lecturer said dismissively. "I mean now, Abby, we're saying basically that if you steal a household full of stuff and hire movers to move it to a different house, they're guilty."

"This is all just silliness. frankly," she continued. "If I could offer a free piece of legal advice to Mr. Patel: he is implicated in this as a negotiator for the former president with the National Archives. So to the extent that the government ultimately finds that the National Archives were lied to and that all of this was part of a potential crime, Mr. Patel might be implicated."

'If I were him, I would stay quiet, and again, if you say anything it's just wait and see what comes out, the presumption of innocence, et cetera," she suggested.

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