Black Republican says daughter received N-word smear after right-wing media attacks: report

A Black Republican claims he was smeared with the N-word as a result of outrage manufactured by far-right media.

"A Republican state legislator from Arizona said he and his family members are the victims of a racist smear campaign driven by right-wing media after he pushed back against claims that state lawmakers could “decertify” the 2020 presidential election," the HuffPost reported. Tuesday. "Walter Blackman, the first Black Republican elected to the Arizona legislature and a 2022 congressional candidate, claims that after an interview in which he poured cold water on the idea that lawmakers could overturn the election, his daughter received a text message calling him a racial slur."

The text used the RINO ("Republican In Name Only") smear that is a favorite of Donald Trump, reading "Your [N-word] dad is RINO."

The smear came after Blackman told the far-right Gateway Pundit, "just want to tell things that are real. Because I, you know, like to be straight, straight with folks. There’s been a lot of chatter about decertifying the election. There’s a couple things wrong with that, that we can’t do that. We are not going to be able to decertify an election… number two, you look at the Constitution. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that we can decertify."

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The Gateway Pundit says the number the text purportedly originated from went to a Blackman voicemail. His campaign says the number was disconnected. Raw Story called the number and was greeted with a generic voice mail recording.

“It is illogical and crazy to think I would send this vile text message to my daughter or know anything about it. I have been in contact with the state police who are investigating the origin of these messages. While their investigation is ongoing, they have determined that the text messages did not in any way, shape or form originate with my cell phone. This is what happens when your opponents can’t run a campaign on the issues, they resort to disgusting smear attacks with a word that has no place in our Republican Party or society in general," Blackman said in a campaign statement.

In 2021, Blackman faced calls to ban him from the state House for his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. In September, he praised the Proud Boys.


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