Rev. Warnock attacks Kelly Loeffler's fear-mongering in latest ad billed as his closing message
Kelly Loeffler, Rev. Ralph Warnock -- screenshots

As the Georgia U.S. Senate races heads into its final week, Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock has not shied from making it personal.

Here's what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting as the campaign's "closing message" in an ad released Tuesday:

"Kelly Loeffler spends tens of millions of dollars to scare you. She's attacked my church, attacked my faith. She's even attacked my family. She's trying to make you afraid of me because she's afraid of you," Warnock said, walking down an empty street as he speaks directly to the camera.

"Afraid that you understand how she's used her position in the Senate to enrich herself and others like her. Afraid that you'll realize that we can do better."

The newspaper reported the ad campaign as a response to "a steady barrage of attacks aimed at Warnock's past sermons and stances." More than $500 million has been spent or reserved on advertising for the two pivotal races, one pitting Warnock and Senator Kelly Loeffler, the other between John Ossoff and Senator David Perdue.

Both Republicans have had to defend against charges that they've used their positions for personal enrichment. In Loeffler's case, she has tried to change the subject.

"Loeffler's campaign and her allies have rejected accusations that she leveraged her position and have relentlessly accused Warnock, the pastor of Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church and a first-time candidate, of being too liberal for Georgia," reports the Journal-Constitution.

"Republicans have also emphasized comments from Warnock in defense of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright when his sermons became a flashpoint in Barack Obama's 2008 bid for president. Warnock has pushed back on attempts to tie him to Wright's controversial remarks.

In a TV messaging pivot, Loeffler also recently debuted an ad focusing on her rural roots, which included images of braces she once wore on her legs and an eye patch to fix a childhood vision problem."

In the new ad, Warnock counters -- and closes -- with his personal narrative:

"I'm Raphael Warnock, and if you elect me to the Senate, I'll wake up everyday, guided by the values of hard work and passion instilled in me by my parents and inspired by the words of Dr. King who said that "Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?" Even in these crazy times, I still think it's possible to work together to improve the lives of Georgians. All Georgians. That's exactly what I'll do in Washington. I approve this message and humbly ask for your vote."

Watch the ad below: