Conservative publication faces furious MAGA backlash after it declares Trump 'unfit for power'
Supporters rally behind President Donald Trump during an October 2016 event. Image via Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore.

The Washington Examiner this week published an editorial saying that the House Select Committee hearings had revealed that former President Donald Trump is "unfit for power again" -- and it's sparking a furious backlash among the MAGA faithful.

The Daily Beast reports that the Examiner editorial was very poorly received by Trump loyalists, who labeled the publication "controlled opposition" against Democrats, despite the fact that the paper has taken solidly right-wing editorial positions on just about every other issue.

The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway, for instance, railed against the publication as a tool of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi despite the fact that the publication slams Pelosi on a regular basis.

“One of the most obvious goals of Pelosi’s J6 committee was to relaunch the NeverTrump movement, to demoralize Republicans voters, and to criminalize any opposition to the regime’s policies,” she argued. “By that measure, as editorials like this show, Pelosi’s been successful.”

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In fact, the editorial in question did not call for "criminalizing" anything and only said that Trump should not be the Republican Party's nominee in the 2024 presidential election.

"Hey DC Examiner - why is this opinion still up?” wrote talk-radio host Joe Pagliarulo on Twitter. “Her testimony was immediately debunked by the Secret Service. Did you not hear? Seriously enough of the hate on actual conservative values.”

Additionally, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell scolded the publication by telling them they "owe President Trump an apology right now" while demanding that they "do your homework before you write an unfounded editorial!"