They considered themselves an ‘anti-vax family’ – then they got COVID-19

A Washington state family is changing their tunes on vaccines after getting infected by the coronavirus.

The Johnson family of Kennewick considered themselves anti-vaccine before falling ill around July 4, believing at first it was related to the sweltering heat wave but soon realizing it was much worse, reported KEPR-TV.

"I lost my taste and smell, and that's when we realized we had COVID," said wife and mother Nadine Johnson.

Husband and father Patrick Johnson was hospitalized on oxygen for a week and lost 25 pounds, but he feels lucky to be alive after having pneumonia in both lungs, acute kidney injury and respiratory failure.

"We had made the decision that that vaccine was not for us," he said, "and now I feel like we've been given a second chance."

Nadine Johnson still doesn't have her sense of taste and smell back, but the whole family plans to get vaccinated after waiting the recommended three months after infection.

"It was a life changing experience," Patrick Johnson said. "I was totally against it but if it gives me a second chance, it's worth the shot."