WATCH: Giuliani calls Jan. 6 committee and its subpoenas ‘illegal’ in off the rails rant
Rudy Giuliani (Screen Shots)

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on the far-right media outlet Newsmax Tuesday night and declared the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack – along with its subpoenas – "illegal."

The Committee has subpoenaed Giuliani, a former GOP presidential frontrunner, mayor of New York City, and U.S. Attorney, and says it fully expects him to cooperate. In its legal subpoena, the Committee asked Giuliani last month to turn over documents by February 1 and testify by February 8.

"How can you have any confidence in this committee which, by the way is illegal?" Giuliani told Newsmax. "I mean, it doesn't have a minority membership," which is false: there are two Republicans on the Committee. There would have been more but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled his members after assigning them.

"It really can't subpoena anybody," Giuliani falsely claimed. The Committee has been recognized as legitimate by the federal courts.

Giuliani then went on to compare the committee's work to the Mueller investigation and the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia investigation, and falsely implied the Trump campaign was not receiving help from Russia, as he went on a crazed rant.

"It's one – I mean, going through the whole thing we're watching it in, you know, in retrospect, and in real time. January 6 is nothing more than Russian collusion with another name and a new lie and a new set of crazy exaggerated, 'It's worse than September 11. It's worse than Pearl Harbor. It's worse than the Civil War! It's worse than the end of the world!" Giuliani hyperbolically declared.

"You can tell when they're lying: they exaggerate," he concluded.