WATCH: Irate customer attacks teen McDonald’s employees during drive-thru rampage

Cell phone video from Georgia documented a fracas at a Locust Grove McDonald's after a customer grew irate over the lack of a zero calorie coffee sweetener, WSB-TB reports.

The incident reportedly occurred around 9 p.m. on Tuesday night when the store was being staffed by multiple 16-year-old workers.

WSB's Matt Johnson spoke to one worker

"I was scared, because like, you never know how crazy people are like," one employee said. "He could have had a gun and shoot us all."

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"They want to keep arguing with us about Splenda and then, next thing you know, they're throwing coffee at me and my co-workers," the teen explained.

The teenagers responded in-kind by throwing a drink in "self-defense." Multiple teenage employees reportedly resorted to hiding in a refrigerator.

The workers reported calling police "like, four times" but the couple had left before officers arrived.

The family of the worker interviewed for the story says she has since quit her job.