WATCH: Turmoil erupts at anti-abortion march after white nationalist group shows up

A large contingent of the white nationalist group Patriot Front showed up at pro-life protest in Chicago to march alongside anti-abortion activists, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

But video footage shows the March for Life protesters rejecting Patriot Front's attempt to march alongside them. “What are you carrying shields for? This is a peaceful demonstration. You guys are an embarrassment,” a man with March for Life can be seen yelling at the Patriot Front members.

Apparently dejected by the lack of solidarity, the Patriot Front group eventually ended their march.

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According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Patriot Front is a group that “espouses racism, anti-Semitism and intolerance under the guise of preserving the ‘ethnic and cultural origins’ of their European ancestors.”

“As we’re just on the heels of January 6th, white supremacist groups are actively trying to recruit,” the ADL's Goldenberg added. “They’re actively trying to recruit at events like occurred in Chicago and they’re also actively trying to recruit at political rallies. They’re trying to recruit at different protests, even at college campuses.”

“They’re active, they’re emboldened,” Goldenberg added.

Watch videos from the event below: