'We want to know what you're sniffing': Jimmy Kimmel demands stupidity and drug test for Donald Trump Jr.
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel hilariously mocked former President Donald Trump's eldest son, Don Jr. during his opening monologue Tuesday.

The episode began with Kimmel bashing Fox News for attempting to cancel Cardi B for her performance with Meghan Thee Stallion during the Grammys. Tucker Carlson, who's been on a weeks-long rant about liberals "canceling" things, bashed the women over the sexualized nature of their song and salacious performance.

"Why if this Elvis Presley keeps rotating his hips like that, Satan will impregnate our daughters!" Kimmel said, mocking the prudish 50's behavior of Carlson.

Conservative Candace Owens was similarly aghast by the gyrating women on the oversized bed. She called it "terrifying" and said that parents everywhere "should be terrified."

"Right, right. Deadly attack on our nation's Capitol, understandable. Two black women with a dirty pop song -- the end of an empire," Kimmel said. "Pretty sure they said the same thing about Madonna and George Michael in the '80s. But I guess they have nothing real to complain about."

Kimmel noted that even Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is running out of topics. Referring to her as "Klan Mom," Kimmel said that she sounded the alarm about the border, claiming President Joe Biden was letting terrorists into America as a growing number of children are seeking asylum. Ironically, the Newsmax host noted that those at the border are also bringing in COVID-19.

"Oh, wait, I thought we didn't have to worry about COVID," Kimmel said. "Now COVID is real? I guess you two idiots should be wearing masks then, huh?"

But it was Don Jr. that Kimmel found particularly amusing. Jr. claimed, incorrectly, that President Biden hasn't addressed sexual harassment allegations about Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). Jr. claimed the president " probably not the best person to talk about these things, given his history of sniffing children, et cetera."

"Sniffing? Sniffing children. We want to know what you are sniffing. That's what we'd like to know. If I was you, Johnny, I'd stuff the word 'sniffing' back into the family thesaurus. And then the fraudigal son gave us a review of the work his father's conqueror has done so far."

Don Jr. said that Biden has had "probably the most disastrous first 60 days in the history of American politics and certainly the presidency." Biden hasn't been in office for 60 days.

"Okay, all right. Name ten presidents," Kimmel asked. "Go ahead. Please. We'll wait. Wipe working on a new game show for Donald Trump Jr. it's called 'Name 10 Presidents and Pee in This Cup.'"

Watch the video below:

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