Right-wing extremists face humiliation as plans for new 'White Lives Matter' rallies start to crumble
White Lives Matter rally turns violent (Photo: Screen capture)

Right-wing extremists are planning another series of "White Lives Matter" marches less than a month after their last attempt flopped, and this round seems similarly destined for failure.

White supremacist groups are planning to hold rallies at various unspecified locations Saturday around the U.S., just weeks after their April 11 marches failed to draw more than a handful of participants, and some of the new events have already been canceled before their scheduled start, reported Newsweek.

"This location will not host an official event on the 8th of May," said one post on the encrypted messaging service Telegram. "Activism will happen in each and every location, however, due to the decentralized way of organizing, it is up to you to do the best YOU can for our people in your states/country."

A new "White Lives Matter Official" Telegram channel set up to promote the marches has more than 3,700 subscribers, with dozens of individual channels for various locations, but most of those discussions have not revealed any specific details about the locations of the rallies.

Two locations in Florida, one in Naples and another in Sarasota, have been discussed in that state's channel, with organizers urging attendees to wear masks to protect their identities, but that discussion group has only 91 subscribers.

A rally last month in Huntington Beach, California, drew dozens of participants but more than 200 counter-protesters.