'White supremacist grooming' is a threat to children — and even Fox News is talking about it
Senator Ted Cruz on Facebook.

All children in America are at risk from "white-supremacist grooming" of children according to a new report.

"Instead of focusing on this very real threat, Republican politicians—to justify Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law—have cited QAnon conspiracy theories about public schools being overrun by child predators who are ‘grooming’ children to be gay. A spokesperson for Governor Ron DeSantis reframed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill as an ‘anti-grooming’ bill. But if QAnon Republicans really cared about white children, then they would be worried about white supremacist grooming. This is the grooming that parents of all children should be worried about," Boston University Prof. Ibram X. Kendi wrote in The Atlantic.

Fox News quoted that paragraph and reported on the story under the headline, "Boston University professor says Republicans are 'party of white supremacy.'"

Kendi also addressed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who made his book Antiracist Baby a bestseller after the Texan attacked it.

"And yet, Republican politicians and operatives have radically distorted anti-racist education—and literature. The nation saw this gross distortion firsthand when Senator Ted Cruz of Texas questioned Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Senate confirmation hearing," Kendi wrote. "All of this distortion is intended to justify GOP bans. As of February, 36 states had introduced bills or taken other actions toward banning anti-racist education and literary materials, and 14 states had passed such measures. More than 17.7 million public-school students enrolled in nearly 900 districts could have their learning restricted during a pivotal time when experts say their education needs to be expanded. And in addition, districts are banning education and literature that can allow white kids and kids of color to recognize the sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia of white supremacists."

Kendi's report came one day after Florida banned 28 math textbooks in a panic over Critical Race Theory.

"The Republican Party is stripping parents and educators of their collective ability to protect vulnerable children from being indoctrinated by—or victimized by—the scourge of white supremacy," Kendi explained. Instead of combatting white supremacists, the Republican Party has harbored white supremacists, has mainstreamed their mantra that anti-racism is antiwhite, and has embraced a president who has called them 'very fine people,' has told this growing army on national television to 'stand back and stand by,' has incited them to attack the Capitol, has defended their carnage, and has urged the American people to move on from the greatest domestic terrorist threat of our time. This Republican Party is not the party of any group of parents, but the party of white supremacy."

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