Whitmer on the 'double standard' with sex assault: 'We just had a president who lasted 4 years with numerous allegations'
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

As the firestorm surrounding the allegations that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed and assaulted numerous women heats up, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said that there's a double standard with it comes to such allegations when it comes to Republicans verses Democrats.

"Is there a different standard for different sides of the aisle? We just had a president who lasted all four years with numerous allegations against him, so far as rape. No one on his own side of the aisle was making observations about whether or not he should stay in office," Whitmer said during a POLITICO Live event. "So is there a different standard? I guess one could conclude that."

"But weighing in on that, I don't know [if that] gets either one of us very far," she added.

Whitmer clarified that if the allegations against Cuomo are true, "then there should be accountability."

"But until that investigation happens, I don't know that you can make a conclusion," she said.