The View's Whoopi Goldberg drops an epic rant on how Trump’s petty feuds are still obscuring important news

"The View" host Whoopi Goldberg spent the past four years steadfastly refusing to say Donald Trump's name, and now that he's not president she doesn't even want to talk about

The former president jabbed Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell as a "dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack," which served as Wednesday's first "hot topic," but Goldberg said the story obscured more important issues in the day's news.

"I want to take a break from talking about him every day because I want to pay attention to what's actually happening," Goldberg said, "because we have been b*tching and moaning that nothing was happening, people weren't getting their [COVID-19] shots. I want to highlight the fact that there's something happening now, people are going in to get their shots. People are going to get their [pandemic relief] money that's been promised to them that they need desperately. I want to make sure we talk about that, as well."

Goldberg recognizes the former president remains a newsmaker, but she'd be happy to talk about other topics and individuals.

"Yeah, he's going to be there, but I don't have to give him very much more air than saying, yeah, he's there," Goldberg said, "because as far as I'm concerned, I don't want to talk about somebody who thinks I'm a nonstarter as a person, as a person of color. I don't want to talk about a party that has decided that -- they're not concerned whether I'm uncomfortable with what they're doing. They, you know, they voted that this is the direction they want to go in, so I'm not going to give them a lot of attention. I'll keep my eye on them, but I don't have to give them a lot of attention."

02 17 2021 11 08 18