'We don't hire coloreds': Wisconsin bar owner resigns after racist and anti-Semitic texts leak
Segregation-era courthouse waiting room (Everett Historical / Shutterstock.com)

On Thursday, WIZM reported that Dan Parisey, the co-owner of Popcorn Tavern in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has resigned after his racist and anti-Semitic text messages were exposed on social media.

"The texts were posted from a former manager of the tavern and dated April, though the year is not clear," said the report. "In the thread, Parisey, who is listed on the bar’s website as co-owner with his father Dave Parisey, uses racist language, including the 'N' word, as another manager is inquiring about hiring someone who is black. Some of those texts stated, 'no way we’re turning into a black bar,' and 'How many times do I have to tell you guys we don’t hire colords???' and 'as long as they’re not black or Jewish.'"

After the text messages were leaked, Popcorn's Facebook page issued a statement that read, “Dan Parisey has already resigned from The Popcorn Tavern. His words (in) no way reflect the feelings of our establishment or space.” Popcorn's also attributed Parisey's racist rants to mental illness: “Due to multiple brain injuries Dan Parisey continues to deteriorate in his ability to properly think and filter his words, and does have a direct impact on his cognitive function daily."

In a second post, Popcorn wrote, in what appeared to be Parisey himself accessing the company's account, “You guys can say all you want about me … I’m not, never have been, never will be racist." He went on to say that "Those of you who actually know me know I stand up for BLM, woman’s rights including a woman’s right to choose, LQBT community and Popcorn always has. It was really stupid of me to even write that shit and I’m sorry I did."

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This incident comes amid a number of well-publicized scandals around local leaders and businesspeople having racist private conversations exposed.

In one of the most explosive of these cases, this month, Nury Martinez, the president of the Los Angeles City Council, resigned after it was revealed in recorded audio conversations that she called a fellow councilmember's Blackson a "little monkey" and a "negrito" who needed a "beatdown."

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