Latest Mar-a-Lago bombshell reveals 'real legal jeopardy' Trump witnesses are facing: WaPo reporter
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The reporter who broke the latest bombshell news about the documents Donald Trump took to Mar-a-Lago explained the significance about the latest revelations.

Washington Post correspondent Devlin Barrett appeared Thursday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," where he described how a Trump employee told federal agents that the former president told him to move boxes of documents after the Department of Justice issued a subpoena seeking the return of those records -- and security-camera video corroborates that account.

"Obstruction, perhaps?" host Joe Scarborough said.

Barrett told the panel that the new reporting showed investigators had filled in two gaps in the case by getting that witness testimony and the supporting video footage, although the employee's identity still had not been publicly confirmed.

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"We're told this witness in particular, this key witness, that is considered very important to the investigation, was interviewed initially by the FBI and denied having those boxes and denied knowing anything about sensitive documents -- just said that wasn't part of my job, I don't know anything about it," Barrett said. "As the investigation proceeded the FBI went and interviewed that person again, and this time, that person told a very different story, which was, look, I moved the boxes, I was told to do that, and that, in connection with the security footage, really convinced investigators that they had a lot to work with."

Those witnesses are finding themselves in potential legal jeopardy as Trump continues to spread denials that his lawyers aren't arguing in court, and Barrett said there's growing unease in the former president's circles.

"One of the interesting challenges of this case is a lot of people are nervous and trying to stay away from it," Barrett said. "There is a sense, you can tell, from talking to people, there is a sense that people are afraid of getting caught up in this thing because no one really knows what the end result of this is, and in this particular witness' instance, in particular, there are cases where the first time the FBI talked to someone, they don't really tell the whole story."

"So that's not great, I think the nice way of saying it," Barrett added, "and it is also not fatal or you know, the final word. Witnesses do come clean over time, and the FBI and the Justice Department can, what they call, rehabilitate a witness. But the stakes are very high for all of these people. There is real legal jeopardy for a lot of people and that's part of what we're seeing in this report."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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