Wisconsin county GOP posts Facebook meme attacking critical race theory -- and it blows up in their faces
Screen cap / WLKY

Wisconsin's Winnebago County Republican Party is coming under fire even from some of its own members after posting a Facebook meme that was intended to mock critical race theory, but that was loaded with racist stereotypes.

Oshkosh Northwestern reports that the satirical meme listed several "traits of white supremacy" that people need to be wary of, including "literacy," "full time employment" and having "no criminal record."

The post drew blowback even from some Republicans who agree with conservative criticisms of critical race theory, as it implied that being able to read and hold down a job were "white" traits.

"This is absolutely inappropriate," one local Republican wrote in reply. "Who thought it was ok to post this? I am Republican and this is not OK to post. Very ashamed that you would post this."

Local GOP strategist Ethan Hollenberger told Oshkosh Northwestern that he was actually happy to see the party get pushback for the meme.

"I think what's good is you're seeing plenty of people involved in the party saying it wasn't an appropriate meme to share as an organization," he said. "It'll be up to them to decide how to handle it, but it's not what the county executive thinks is good display of who we are in Winnebago County."