Nebraska-based Election Systems & Software is refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the GOP-led audit into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

According to the Associated Press, the subpoena is extremely broad in the information requested. Another electronic voting company, Dominion, is fighting their machines being handed over to a company hired in a probe on Fulton County, Pennsylvania. In that case, Dominion explained that unaccredited investigators probing their machines are a violation of the contract they have with the county.

In a statement, attorneys for Election Systems & Software made it clear that they won't comply, calling it a "quintessential fishing expedition."

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Machines aren't the only thing the company makes, they also do digital tabulators, electronic poll books and ballot printers in addition to software, said the report. They're known for partnering with the Department of Homeland Security in the Critical Infrastructure Program division, including the National Protection and Programs Directorate and the National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services.

The statement from the attorneys explained that the request for information included every document or piece of information for the past two years involving Wisconsin and elections.

The subpoena has been blocked for now as the judge makes a ruling.

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