Wisconsin GOP threatening to resurrect 146 bills the Dem governor vetoed if they win a super-majority: report
Tony Evers (Nuccio DiNuzzo:AFP)

According to a report from the New York Times, Republicans in Wisconsin may soon have a super-majority in both state chambers which could make incumbent Gov. Tom Evers (D) irrelevant because they will be able to override any vetoes he might make.

With that in mind, the GOP leadership is contemplating resurrecting the 146 bills they sent to Evers that he refused to sign previously.

The report notes that it won't require many seats to change hands to Wisconsin GOP lawmakers to gain complete control of the machinery of government next week.

According to the Time's Reid Epstein, "Even though Wisconsin remains a 50-50 state in statewide elections, Democrats would be on the verge of obsolescence," adding that Melissa Agard, a Democratic state senator, is warning it, "would clear a runway for Republican state legislators to follow through on their promises to eliminate the state’s bipartisan elections commission and take direct control of voting procedures and the certification of elections."

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With Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels asserting, "Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I’m elected governor,” former GOP lawmaker Reid Ribble admitted his party has gamed the system.

"There’s a lot of complaining about gerrymandered House or State Assembly seats, and there’s some truth to that,” he stated. "At the end of the day, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a district in rural Wisconsin that would elect a Democrat right now.”

"Of Wisconsin’s 33 State Senate seats, 17 are on the ballot on Tuesday, including two Democratic-held districts that President Donald J. Trump carried in 2020. The picture is similarly bleak for Democrats in the State Assembly, where President Biden, who won the state by about 20,000 votes, carried just 35 of 99 districts," the Times' Epstein reported. "The Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Legislature say they will bring back all 146 bills Mr. Evers has vetoed during his four years in office — measures on elections, school funding, pandemic mitigation efforts, policing, abortion and the state’s gun laws — if they win a supermajority or if Mr. Michels is elected. Mr. Evers warned of 'hand-to-hand combat' to find moderate Republican legislators to sustain vetoes if he is re-elected with a G.O.P. supermajority."

Greta Neubauer, the Democratic leader in the State Assembly, warned, "When you can win a majority of voters and have close to a third of the seats, it’s not true democracy. We are very much at risk of people deciding that it’s not worthwhile for them to continue to engage because they see how rigged the system is against the people of the state in favor of Republican politicians.”

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