WATCH: Trump-backing Wisconsin vote fraud 'investigator' flees CNN reporter pressing him for comment
Michael Gableman (CNN).

On Thursday, CNN's Kyung Lah showed footage of a pro-Trump elections "investigator" in Wisconsin fleeing as she tried to ask him about his controversial efforts to try to prove former President Donald Trump's false claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

"Good evening, sir!" the reporter shouted, as Gableman fled to his car without answering any questions.

"The man we are trying to talk to is Michael Gableman, a retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice appointed by the Republican-controlled legislature to lead an investigation that could cost taxpayers nearly $700,000," Lah explained. "Three separate audits, recounts, and court cases have found no evidence of widespread fraud in Wisconsin. But that's not stopping Gableman from moving forward."

As Lah noted, he has even threatened to have mayors arrested in the course of his probe.

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"Records obtained by American Oversight, a left-leaning watchdog group, show taxpayers paid to fly Gableman to Arizona last summer, where the widely debunked partisan review of Maricopa County's 2020 ballots took place," said Lah. "Then Gableman went to South Dakota to MyPillow guy Mike Lindell's 'cyber symposium,' which amounted to a gathering of outlandish conspiracies and election lies. In Wisconsin, Gableman's investigation continues in the dark."

Watch below:

Wisconsin elections "investigator" flees from CNN reporters