Wisconsin GOP official hires ex-cops to help him conduct 2020 election probe based on the 'Big Lie': report

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is hiring former police officers to help him conduct an investigation of the 2020 election, in yet another perpetuation of former President Donald Trump's "big lie."

"Vos, of Rochester, said he recognizes Biden narrowly won Wisconsin and is not trying to change the results with his taxpayer-funded investigation," reported Patrick Marley. "He said he hopes the investigators can get to the bottom of issues Republicans have raised unsuccessfully in court, such as how the state's largest cities used more than $6 million in grants from a private group to run their elections."

According to the report, "Vos in a Wednesday interview said he was giving the investigators a broad mandate to spend about three months reviewing all tips and following up on the most credible ones. In addition to the grant spending, he said they may look into claims of double voting and review how clerks fixed absentee ballot credentials."

Vos has been a frequent enemy of voting rights. Last year, Vos and other Republicans in the heavily gerrymandered Wisconsin legislature worked with the state courts to block an effort to switch to mail-in voting for the pandemic ahead of a critical state Supreme Court race — although their preferred candidate went on to lose anyway.

This new effort to re-examine the election comes in the middle of a controversial and conspiracy-laden ballot "audit" in Arizona headed up by a pro-Trump cybersecurity company, and another GOP-backed audits in Georgia will move forward soon.