Wisconsin public schools upholds ban on teachers displaying Pride symbols and using pronouns

A ban on teachers promoting Pride memorabilia and identifying themselves with pronouns will remain in place in Wisconsin's public school district after a heated school board meeting, CNN reports.

The district has also banned other political and social justice symbolism, such as BLM and MAGA signs.

The policy applies only to teachers and staff, not to students and board members.

The district policy was revisited at the Tuesday board meeting in response to debate that was taking place in the community. Most of the people who spoke at the meeting, some of them students, opposed the policy.

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"I know people who cannot come out to their parents," said Abigail O'Connor, who identified herself as a queer student in the district. "They aren't accepted at home, so they look for acceptance at school. But now that acceptance is slowly fading away."

"Instead of banning teachers from putting their pronouns in their email, we should teach kids what pronouns are, why they are important and why people should actually respect them," student Brit Farrar said.