WATCH: Republican supporter celebrates election win with racial slur against losing candidate

A social media video showed a Republican supporter celebrating an election win with a racial slur against a New York councilman who lost his race.

GOP candidates were delivering Election Night victory speeches in the video after sweeping the Yorktown town board race, including the defeat of longtime councilman Vishnu Patel, when a partygoer uses the slurs, reported TAP into Yorktown.

"Vishnu's gone -- gone, gone," the person can be heard saying in the since-deleted video that was posted on the Yorktown Republican Party's Facebook page. "That motherf*cker, that f*cking sand n*gger."

A source brought the slur to the newspaper Sunday, and the video was deleted after a reporter asked Kevin Byrnes, the chair of the Yorktown Republican Town Committee, to comment.

"The Yorktown Republican Town Committee condemns these comments in the strongest possible terms, and will conduct an immediate investigation to ascertain the identity of the individual," Byrnes said. "If the person is determined to be a member of the Yorktown Republican Town Committee who uttered these disgusting comments, disciplinary action will commence."

The Yorktown Democratic Committee called on the unidentified person who said the slurs to publicly apologize, and Patel expressed his disappointment.

"It is not surprising that one individual at a Republican gathering should shout out a vile obscene remark about my nationality," Patel said. "Donald Trump's behavior as president gave permission for the worst elements in the Republican Party to say and do things openly that they would never have dared to in the past. I nonetheless remain hopeful that a new generation of Yorktown Republicans will appeal to the best instincts of people and not the worst."

Video: Yorktown Councilman Subject of Racial Slur on Election Night