Expert slams Uvalde cops for putting out nonstop false information
Uvalde law enforcement officers (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA for AFP)

On CNN Wednesday, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe tore into the Uvalde Police Department for their constantly changing story about what happened at the Robb Elementary school shooting.

Thus far, reports on how the shooting played out and what police did have significant discrepancies, one of the most significant being whether a teacher had propped open a door in the rear of the school, a police claim now heavily in dispute.

"Where do we start?" said anchor Poppy Harlow. "Just back to the parents, can you imagine being a parent and having all of these narratives, contradicting narratives consistently?"

"Well, Poppy ... I am a parent, and the idea that you could not trust the law enforcement officials who you rely upon to protect your children because you would be given such a morass of conflicting information that you can't really take them at their word — so even now when they come out to try to correct a piece of misinformation, like the propping open of the door, for example, you just have to step back and shake your head and wonder, like, when are they going to change their minds about that next?" said McCabe.

"This will completely undermine the community's faith and the conclusions of this investigation about who did what when and what the lessons learned here were," continued McCabe. "Just a terrible situation for the community to be in. And it is really a self-inflicted wound by law enforcement involved."

This comes as Uvalde school police chief Pete Arredondo is sworn in as a member of the city council.

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Andrew McCabe says Uvalde Police can't be trusted