'You're outta luck and you're on your own': Barack Obama warns of Ron Johnson's Social Security threats
Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Former President Barack Obama was the keynote speaker at an event in Milwaukee on Saturday that was organized by the Democratic Party to boost turnout for its candidates in the November midterm elections.

During his speech, Obama excoriated Republican United States Senator Ron Johnson over his recent proposal to put Social Security and Medicare up for congressional review every year. Johnson has also promoted privatizing the programs, upon which millions of Americans' financial stability depends.

Johnson is a two-term incumbent locked in a tight race against Wisconsin's Democratic Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, whom Obama has endorsed.

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"Some of you here are on Social Security. Some of your parents are on Social Security. Some of your grandparents are on Social Security. You know why they have Social Security? Because they worked for it," a fired-up Obama said. "They worked hard jobs for it. They have chapped hands for it. They had long hours and sore backs and bad knees to get that Social Security."

The 44th commander in chief then delivered an impassioned rebuke of Johnson and his right-wing agenda.

"If Ron Johnson does not understand that – if he understands giving tax breaks for private planes more than he understands making sure that seniors who have worked all their lives are able to retire with dignity and respect – he’s not the person who’s thinking about you and knows you and sees you. And he should not be your senator from Wisconsin," Obama orated. "I mean, the message he's sending is pretty clear. If you're related to him, if you donate to his campaign, you get a deal. And if not, you're outta luck and you're on your own."