Enraged bus driver ‘slammed on the brakes’ and rerouted kids back to school for speaking Spanish

An Arizona bus driver is under fire after she allegedly told students they couldn't speak Spanish while riding on the bus, KYMA reports.

The driver then allegedly rerouted the bus back to school instead of the bus stop students were supposed to be left off at.

“My daughter let me know that they were being transported from wherever they were, back to the school because she, because the bus driver let them know they can’t speak Spanish," said Gabriela Medina, whose 13-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter were on the bus with about 20 other students last Friday.

“Why aren’t my children being transported how they should be transported? Why didn’t I know their whereabouts for almost 20 minutes? That is not okay,” said Medina, adding that the bus driver, who is apparently female, "slammed the brakes" on the students.

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"That’s a big no. My children and all of the other children were in harm's way,” Medina said.

According to KYMA, Yuma Elementary School District One has not confirmed or denied whether the driver is still employed but claims the incident is under investigation.

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