Doctor clashes with GOPer over definition of woman: 'I think it's important we educate people like you'
YouTube/screen grab

Dr. Yashica Robinson, an Alabama abortion provider, clashed with Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) after he asked her for the definition of a woman.

A House Judiciary Committee hearing convened on Wednesday to address a leaked Supreme Court decision that could overturn federal abortion rights.

But Bishop used his time to ask Robinson for the definition of a woman. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) recently popularized the trick question at a Supreme Court nomination hearing.

The congressman noted that Robinson had revealed that she preferred "she/her" pronouns at the start of her testimony.

"What is a woman?" Bishop asked.

"I think it's important for you to understand why I used she/her pronouns," Robinson said.

"I would just like it if you could answer the question," Bishop interrupted. "What's a woman?"

"I think it's important that we educate people like you," Robinson shot back, "about why we're doing the things that we do. And so the reason I use she and her pronouns is because I understand that there are people who become pregnant that may not identify that way and I think it is discriminatory to speak to people or to call them in such a way as they desire not to be called."

"Are you going to answer my question?" Bishop pressed. "Can you answer the question? What's a woman?"

"I'm a woman," Robinson stated.

"So, you've given me an example of a woman," Bishop asserted. "You are a woman. Can you tell me -- otherwise, can you tell me what a woman is?"

"Yes, I'm telling you I'm a woman," Robinson repeated.

"Is that as comprehensive of a definition as you can give me?" Bishop asked.

"That's as comprehensive of a definition as I will give you today because I think that it's important that we focus on what we're here for and it's to talk about access to abortion," Robinson observed.

Watch the video below from the House Judiciary Committee.