'We ain't playing nice no more!' New video shows ‘zip-tie guy’ Capitol rioter storming building with his mother

A newly released video shows "zip-tie guy" Capitol rioter Erik Munchel and his mother making their way through a crowd of insurrectionists as they entered the building and proceeded upstairs to the Senate chamber on Jan. 6.

The 50-minute video, taken from a cellphone attached to the front of Munchel's vest, was recently unsealed by a federal judge, the Tennessean reports.

"(I'm going to) take my weapons off before I go in there," Munchel can be heard telling his mother, Lisa Marie Eisenhart, as they stand outside the Capitol, in a montage from the video published by the newspaper.

But apparently Munchel never did so, because later in the video as they approach the Capitol he says, "This is probably the last time I'll be able to enter the building with armor and weapons."

Munchel is accused of carrying a taser inside the Capitol, and he and Eisenhart wore tactical military gear.

At one point, Eisenhart can be heard telling her son, "This sh*t is on the news, that guy was saying."

"Oh yeah, duh," Munchel responds. "They are going to use this against us as hard as they can. But we ain't playing f*cking nice no godd*mn more."

"I guess they thought we were playing," Munchel yells later in the video. "This is our godd*mn country!"

As Munchel and Eisenhart push their way through the crowd, one fellow rioter announces that "Congress is shut down."

"Tear gas package was thrown in the Congress," the rioter says, as the crowd cheers and Eisenhart laughs.

"Oh my God. That is one of my best days to know that they got tear-gassed," Eisenhart says.

Still outside the Capitol, other fellow rioters comment that Eisenhart and Munchel look "ready to go" in their military gear, and ask if they are members of the far-right Proud Boys.

"No, we're not Proud Boys," Eisenhart responds.

"We're proud Americans," Munchel adds.

As they pass another rioter who is walking away from the Capitol, Eisenhart asks, "Did you get flash-banged and pepper-sprayed?"

"I got maced," the man responds. "I punched two of them (police officers) in the face."

"Good," Eisenhart responds. "While everyone else was on the couch, you guys were training and getting ready."

"Absolutely," the maced rioter says.

After they enter the Capitol, Munchel appears to have second thoughts. "What's your goal here, mom?" he says.

After they walk upstairs and head down a hallway, Munchel can be heard telling other rioters, "Don't vandalize anything, or y'all are Antifa."

Then Munchel discovers a pile of zip ties that would result in iconic photos from the insurrection showing him hopping over seats in the Senate gallery while carrying a handful of the plastic tactical handcuffs.

"Zip ties! I'm gonna get me some of them motherf*ckers!" Munchel says in the video, as both he and Eisenhart grab some of the restraints.

Munchel has said he picked up the handcuffs after a Capitol police officer left them behind, but prosecutors allege he could have used them to take lawmakers hostage.

After they enter the Senate gallery, Munchel can be heard shouting, "I want that f*cking gavel!"

Nashville's Channel 5 reports that, "After passing through the gallery, the pair quickly begin looking for an exit, with little comment on their way out."

Munchel and Eisenhart are awaiting trial of charges of obstructing an official proceeding, entering a restricted area and violent entry related to the insurrection. They were released from jail pending trial in March.

Recently, federal prosecutors asked a judge to bar Munchel from consuming any alcohol, after he was evicted from an apartment where he had been couch-surfing, and violated the conditions of his pretrial release.

Watch the video from the Tennessean and Channel 5's report below.

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