Bloomberg anchor gets Bitcoin on live TV and is promptly robbed by a viewer

A business news anchor who was given a Bitcoin certificate on air was promptly robbed after he briefly displayed the digital currency.

Bloomberg TV anchor Matt Miller gave two colleagues, Adam Johnson and Trish Regan, $20 in digital currency in a “12 Days of Bitcoin” segment.

But Johnson unwittingly displayed the digital QR code for his money to the camera, and a viewer was able to use the private key to take his Bitcoin.

Reddit user milkywaymasta said he used his smart phone to scan the QR code that was displayed in high definition for about 10 seconds, allowing him to take the money.

“I took it, it was only $20 worth,” milkywaymasta said. “It was exhilarating nevertheless.”

He promised to return the money if Miller provides a new address so the QR code can’t be swiped again, but the anchor said he could keep the Bitcoin.

“So freaking classic but also a GREAT lesson in bitcoin security!” Miller tweeted. “You can keep the $20 -- well earned."

Watch this video posted online by Bloomberg: