Officer-related shooting of teenager in St. Louis draws protestors, massive police response

An officer-related shooting in Ferguson, Missouri this afternoon left one 18-year-old teenager dead and drew a massive crowd of protestors, prompting authorities to send in additional forces to keep the crowd under control while they removed the body.

According to KMOV, witnesses say the victim, identified as Michael Brown, 18,  was unarmed and had his hands in the air when shot by a police officer multiple times.

"He was a good kid. He didn't live around here," Desuirea Harris, grandmother of the victim told KMOV. "He came to visit me. He was spending the summer with me and they did that to him for no reason."

Following the shooting, as a crowd swelled into the hundreds to protest the incident -- with the St Louis Dispatch reporting  that  the crowd was yelling obscenities and shouting "kill the police"--  law enforcement officers from 15 different departments, including riot-control officers, responded to the scene.

According to KMOV's Cory Stark, there were at least 100 police cars and numerous officers armed with M-16's flooding the area.

A picture posted to Twitter multiple times shows a man, identified as Louis Head and claiming to be the stepfather of the victim, holding sign reading, "Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!!!"

Police have not released details about what prompted the shooting.

According to police the crowd had mostly dispersed by 5pm.

Watch video below from KMOV: