Rep. Steve Cohen wins the Internet with devastating '3/5' tweet on Giuliani's racism
Screen shot of Rep. Steve Cohen's tweet

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) dipped into American history to deliver a devastating takedown of Rudy Giuliani’s ongoing attempts to show President Barack Obama is insufficiently patriotic.

“Rudy Giuliani questioned how much, or even if, President Obama loves America. Maybe he thinks he loves it 3/5 as much as Giuliani & his pals,” tweeted Cohen, who represents a heavily black district in Memphis.

Cohen, of course, was referring to the infamous Three-Fifths Compromise during the 1787 U.S. Continental Convention, which determined how slaves would be counted when determining population for legislative representation and taxation.

The lawmaker earned bravos from other Twitter users, but some misunderstood it as racist or replied with racist messages or their own.

“hmmm yes this is a v good tweet, totally not racist, nope not racist at all,” said one Twitter user, Robert W. Howard.

“O.J. loved Nichole too,” said Twitter user Bizarro Sirotá, in apparent reference to a racist joke that Obama loves America like O.J. Simpson loved his wife.