Homeschool mom who debunked evolution visits Ken Ham's creationism museum: 'It's pretty convincing'
Megan Fox goes to Ken Ham's Creation Museum - screencap

Megan Fox, the home-schooling mom who "destroyed" evolutionary science in a video that went viral -- with a million views -- is back, casting her critical eye on Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham's Creation Museum, located in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Fox -- not to be confused with the actress from the Transformer movies -- is the self-described "homeschooling Chicago suburban mother of three who writes for PJ Media and audits museums and other cultural attractions for propaganda and bias." Fox maintains a YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself at various attractions -- including a memorable visit to the Brookfield Zoo in search of dragons.

In the new video, with the promising title of  "Part 1," Fox visits Ham's Creation Museum as a guest of Ham's brother Steve. Stepping inside the museum,  she delights in watching a movie detailing God's creation of Earth according to the Book of Genesis, -- comparing it to a video on evolution at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History -- only in a more positive vein, saying, "It's pretty convincing."

("Part 2" can be found here)

Despite her enthusiasm over visiting the Creation museum, Fox is not entirely sold on creationist theory of 6,000-year-old universe.

"It's as valid as anything else. They don't know either," she explains. "Instead of the God of the Bible, they're counting on the god of primordial soup. That's all it is. It's all fake. So if you believe in the god of primordial soup or the god of Abraham -- whatever."

Fox then provides a tour of the 70,000 square feet museum, stopping before a diorama of cavemen in a forest setting intermingling with deer, wolves, and penguins -- yes, penguins -- before ending up before plans for Ham's proposed model for full-sized Noah's Ark, which Fox notes "Looks huge."

Fox concludes that creation theory is as valid as anything because, "Nobody was there to see it."

Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Megan Fox