Racists cry bitter tears on Nikki Haley’s Facebook page after SC votes to take down Confederate flag
Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

South Carolina lawmakers voted early Thursday morning to take down the Confederate flag, and Gov. Nikki Haley heard from hundreds of angry racists.

The Republican governor announced the vote on her Facebook page and thanked lawmakers for serving the state with "great dignity."

However, many of her former supporters strongly disagreed.

"I've never been so ashamed of my State as I am right now," Cody Burr said.

"Sad day in south Carolina because of you nikki haley. S.m.h. very disrespectful," posted Jessica Hodge Summerlin on the governor's Facebook page.

"I don't understand how such a republican governor can take away one of the important things for our state. Why? Because it offends people?" said Caitlyn Ainsley Foulker. "Well, a lot offends me, but I don't see you banning that too. What about what the rest of most of this state wants?"

"Dear Governor, if you really represent a unified South Carolina and are only here to serve her people how come no one in Columbia felt that this important and deep rooted issue was appropriate to be handled in referendum by the people who gave you your job?" Travis Crenshaw said.

"I would not vote for you again. Ever," Randy Smith. "Would you have so much 'courage' if you were in your first term? You've done more to divide SC than any single person in our history. To think i wasted my votes on you for SC House, and Governor, twice."

"Cowardice in the South Carolina Governors office and thy name is Nikki Haley," Jim Madsen said.

"Speak for your self, I don't think you care about South Carolina, you are picking and choosing, must be going for a Senate seat, I screwed up and voted for you, but not again," Becky Griffith Leapard said. "You are good at one think and that's disrespecting Our Confedrate Veterans. Sad day in South Carolina, you are reminding me of Obama, ruining as much as you can while you are in office!!!"

"You heal by executing Justice on the perp, not stripping law abiding citizens off their rights," said Leslie Hicks Bennet. "You have set the precedent in your state, but it is very unlikely you have heard the last from your constituents."

"Nikki Haley, you have let a lot of the people in South Carolina down," said Patsy Turner Welborn. "We voted for you, because we felt you would represent our State proudly. The flag did not kill anyone. It is part of the South's Heritage. So if you do away with the flag then I can think of a lot of other things that need to be done away with."

"I am disappointed in you governor I will be so glad when your term ends," said Nathaniel Nat Brown. "You are not the greatest governor I thought you were."

"I'm not proud of South Carolina," said Kim Vaughn Myers. "Tell me how removing the flag is going to bring 'us' closer together and help heal anything... From what I've seen, it's tearing 'us' apart..."

"I'm afraid you have separated more than you have brought together that flag had no problem in the month of May but Obama called to take it down and our state leaders crumbled like a house of cards!" said Allen Brandon. "This tragedy had nothing to do with the flag but it was one young man that is mentally ill and full of hate! That massacre had nothing to do with the flag or the Second Amendment. This sick young man would have done what he did with out either!"

"It is a crying shame that our state has come to this point," said Jeffrey Steele. "This will not bring the state together. If anything, it will divide us even further. I am so ashamed of our House and Senate tonight because they caved on this issue. Removing this flag will not stop racism. Many politicians have lost my vote today because of their decision on this issue. Not only did they vote to remove part of our history, they also used a tragic event in Charleston, SC to push an agenda that they otherwise couldn't get support for."

"You are a politically correct brown noser, bowing to the ingrates, ignorant, and uneducated!" said Barbara Mitchell. "Hard to believe you are even a governor, and still be so ignorant of true history! My Battle flag will continue to fly!"

"I must say it's a SAD day in what used to be the best state in the best country!" said Joe New II. "I was a huge backer of Mrs. Hailey until now. Ignorance of history has blinded so many that the truth has been lost! I've always voted republican and was a major backer of gov. Hailey. Just wish I knew then what I know now! Once again the minority has ruled over the majority with out giving us any say so. When will we be heard? This is a travesty! Most of my family fought and died for that flag and you show them no respect by your actions! Shame on you! This is far from over. We have rolled over and have been kicked to the curve too many times. I hope you can rest well knowing you have disgraced the memory and life's of the 620,000 who died fighting under that flag and fighting for a deep rooted southern value system that truly had nothing to do with hate, slavery, nor the church shooting. The s$#t pot has been stirred now let's see who has to lick the spoon!"