Two men open fire on soldiers at 'Jade Helm 15' training site
US Army soldiers fire at targets at Camp Shelby (USASOC News Service)

Shots were fired near Camp Shelby, a military post in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and authorities were searching for suspected shooters, according to local media.

UPDATE: For the second time this week, white man opens fire on Jade Helm training site in Mississippi

No one was injured in the shooting, WJTV and WDAM television stations reported, and authorities told CNN that it was not an "active shooter" situation.

The shots were fired at a group of soldiers who were training, according to WDAM. The station reported that authorities were searching for two white men, suspected of having fired from a two-door Ford Ranger pickup truck with the phrase "broken arrow" written on the top. The men then drove away.

Reuters could not immediately confirm the reported shooting near Camp Shelby, a training center that spans more than 134,000 acres (525 square kilometers).

Update, 4:23 p.m. EST: The Associated Press reported that Camp Shelby is a site listed by US Special Forces Command as part of the "Jade Helm 15" training exercise.

WDAM reported that a vehicle matching the description of the pickup has been recovered. A picture of it can be seen below:

According to the AP, "broken arrow" is a coded phrase used as a military signal asking for help "when a unit or camp is overrun."