Larry Wilmore talks to Ahmed Mohamed about his arrest for bringing homemade clock to school
Ahmed Mohamed (Comedy Central)

Larry Wilmore asked Ahmed Mohamed what he was thinking when he built a homemade clock and brought it to school -- where he was arrested after his teachers suspected the device might have been a bomb.

"It was something really simple to me," the 14-year-old Texas boy explained. "I didn't have to look it up, the only thing I had to look up was the receipt for the box. It's really simple to me, because I built more stuff that's really complicated, like CPUs and soldering them. But the clock, it was simple, and some of the parts were scrapped off, so that's how it got easier."

Wilmore, who said the teen's story resonated with him as a fellow "nerd," asked the teen whether he felt like his arrest had earned him some "street cred."

"It was kind of cool," Mohamed said, blushing. "The only reason I felt cool about it was that I knew I was innocent, and I knew that if I took it to court I would win."

He said Irving police made him do the "nae nae" dance backwards by twisting his arm painfully behind his back, and Mohamed demonstrated for "The Nightly Show."

Wilmore asked the teen what he wanted to build next.

"I would say my next invention would be a side hoverboard," Mohamed said. "There's, like, these forward ones that go back and reverse."

Wilmore gave him a panel covered with wires, capacitors, flashing lights and a soldering iron, and the talk show host joked that it was a watch before presenting Mohamed with an Apple watch.

Watch the entire interview posted online by Comedy Central: