Stephen King crucifies 'scary' Ted Cruz and says Donald Trump leaves him 'speechless'
Author Stephen King (

Horror writer Stephen King can come up with some of the most terrifying tales in the literary world, but when it comes to the GOP and Donald Trump's campaign for President, he's simply "speechless." In an interview with the DailyBeast about his latest film, the J.J. Abrams-produced "11.22.63," King said that he assumed Trump would be quick to drop out of the race after renewing and refreshing his personal brand but he's been unbreakable.

"Instead, you talk about media-savvy, but he’s really the anti-media-savvy candidate," King said. "At this point, he’s said 40 different things that would have gotten him laughed out of the race if he wasn’t so outrageous." He went on to tell the Daily Beast that other candidates don't enjoy the kind of Teflon that Trump does, citing the Rubio Robot moment and Megyn Kelly sexism. "He can talk about Ted Cruz being a p*ssy and it just bounces off! It’s like he’s bulletproof."

King isn't sure if Trump actually has a shot to be the nominee, however. "I would’ve said the idea is ridiculous, even four months ago, but now I’m not so sure. Then people are saying that if he does get nominated he’d never get elected, and I’m saying, well, hopefully, that won’t happen. But who knows."

While Trump is hard to believe, he isn't the candidate that truly terrifies King. That award goes to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). "He’s very scary," King said. He went on to explain that Trump could appeal to more people and be more electable because Cruz's fundamentalist ways make him look like "the analog of an Imam." He described, Cruz's guiding principle "would be the scripture rather than the Constitution."

If the right-wing policies aren't enough King poses the question: "could we look at a guy who resembles a cable game show host for four years? He has that awful plastered-down hair and everything."

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