Samantha Bee invites Trump supporters to a party — and things go completely off the rails
Samantha Bee's Donald Trump focus group (Screen capture)

If Donald Trump isn't bad enough for attempting to incite a riot, the people who would support such a guy can be just as terrifying.

Samantha Bee slammed the sketchy bunch on Monday's "Full Frontal," starting with John Franklin McGraw, the Fayetteville, North Carolina, man who was arrested for sucker-punching a black protester and threatening to kill him. "But that was just the appetizer to this weekend's tasting menu of 'roid rage. After Trump canceled a rally having accidently left his balls in his other pants," Bee said as Trump was quickly surrounded by Secret Service agents when an unarmed hippy attempted to rush the rally stage.

Bee showed a clip of Trump accusing a protester at another rally of being a Bernie Sanders supporter. "Really? You sure this one isn't yours?" She said before showing a middle-aged white man leaving a Trump rally shouting, "go to Auschwitz. Go to f**king Auschwitz."

Surely not all Trump supporters are as bad as the worst of the worst that we see making the evening news. That's why Samantha Bee sat down with what she called an "elite group" of Trump supporters and agreed to treat them nicely and host a party for them if they talked to her. Those that joined were college educated, bipartisan, multi-ethnic and "no one was even escorting the gay black guy out." While the group tried to agree on where Trump stood on social issues, when it came to banning all Muslims from coming into the country they all jumped to comment, swearing it was only a "temporary" ban and that we should put security before country.

Like most Republicans, it wasn't long before they were blaming the media. One man specifically attacked The Huffington Post for a headline calling Trump a xenophobic racist. "Can you acknowledge that it is literally impossible, as a member of the media, to ignore a person when they say they would punch a protester in the face?" Bee asked the group. They swore it was just a context thing. Bee played the video again for context's sake. One man said that he personally has removed Black Lives Matter protesters for disturbing Trump events and another chalked it up to being about human nature, claiming someone is always going to get punched in the face if you have that many people in one place at one time.

Bee then asked the group of they thought it was wrong for the media to report that half of the things Trump retweeted were from white supremacists. "It's clearly illogical to play the guilt-by-association game because we could do this all day long," a man said. Bee asked if it was like blaming all Muslims for being the same religion as some terrorists. The man accused Bee of being condescending while Bee asked why some generalizations are okay while others aren't.

When asked if it is concerning that white supremacists love a candidate that they love a woman replied, "We all love America, I guess. If there's something we can come together on, we want this country to be great, I think everyone can get behind that." Another man said that all Americans matter. The group nodded in agreement when Bee lumped everyone in together saying that some are black, white, gay or white supremacists.

The group partied with hors d'oeuvres, drinks, a masseuse and your friendly neighborhood fact-checker wondering around just in case. The woman who thought we all could come together with white supremacists around loving America reminded Bee that it is important to have a wall so we can know who is in our country and that Mexico would be paying for it. "And you know what Trump said? The wall just got 10 feet taller!" Bee asked how you fact check bluster.

When the African American supporter was approached about Trump's racism he acknowledged that Trump speaks in "an old way," what Bee called "like an old racist," but really it was only if you take into account "micro-aggression and safe spaces." When asked if it was ok for him that Trump would be representing the country in an "old timey racist way" the man said it was a minor negative.

When one man was accused of becoming angry he swore the look in his eyes was more about "passion." The fact checker ended up behind a curtain breathing into a paper bag by the end of the night, probably because there's eight more months left of "passion" to go.

Check out the video below: