Seth Meyers: GOP setting up a horrific sh*tshow in Cleveland if nomination seized from Trump
Seth Meyers with Donald Trump portrait (Screen capture)

The city of Cleveland is bracing for what may become a violent Republican convention in July because the GOP establishment isn't getting what it wants.

Another Super Tuesday has come and gone and Meyers opted to name after films like "Super Tuesday Part II" also known as "2 Super Tuesday," "28 States Later," "Marco and Ted's Bogus Journey," "Marco Rubio and the Last Crusade," "The Hunt for Orange November" and "Kasich Instinct."

Meyers compared John Kasich's folksy speech to Donald Trump's at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach "where he hosted members decked out in ball gowns and diamonds and where Trump keeps, and this is real, this portrait of himself," Meyers said showing Trump in a tennis outfit with a V-neck collar and white shorts leaning on a bent knee that is propped up on something. "That's what he thinks he looks like. Also you can't tell but he's propping his foot up on Chris Christie. 'Can I come up now? Is the painting done?'" Meyers said imitating Christie.

There's still a slim chance that Trump might not win enough delegates which would lead to a brokered convention. If that happens, pundits are already saying that violence is likely. "Put aside all politics for a second. How much more can the city of Cleveland take? They just got rid of Johnny Manziel, now this? Those poor people don't deserve this much suffering. I mean, they should seriously consider moving the Republican convention to a city that's use to chaos like Chicago, Los Angeles or Boston. Boston lights sh*t on fire when they win. Some poor kid in Cleveland is going to wake up, see a fire and think the Browns won the Super Bowl. It's not fair."

The city of Cleveland is freaking out, too. In preparation for the convention and anticipating the violence they've been shopping for 2,000 sets of riot gear. This includes "long-sleeve jackets, gloves and shin guards — that would be suitable for use by police riding bicycles," according to

"Let's all just spare a thought for those brave officers who will have to fend off angry crowds of Trump supporters on bicycles," Meyers said. "Everybody quiet down! Don't make me ring this bell!" he joked.

Yet, the GOP establishment is still thinking up a plan to cause chaos at the convention and polls are showing people in Ohio and Florida specifically are interested in a third party candidate if Trump and Clinton are the nominees. But if they steal the nomination from Trump who do they give it to? Sen. Ted Cruz is hated by the establishment and despite the insane amount of confetti, Kasich has only won one state. "I bet Kasich's confetti guy was like, 'Just drop it all. I don't think we're going to win another state,'" Meyers joked.

So, if Trump isn't the nominee, Trump promises there will be riots. Meyers called Trump's promise a classic New Jersey response "couching a threat as a prediction. 'If you don't pay your protection money there could be a fire. I don't know, it wouldn't be me, but there could be a fire.'"

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