WATCH: Alabama's chief justice blames legal troubles on a ‘transvestite’ in crazy anti-gay rant
Former Alabama chief justice Roy Moore (Screenshot/YouTube)

Alabama's anti-gay state Supreme Court judge blamed "atheists, homosexuals and transgender individuals" for his legal troubles during a Wednesday press conference, reports.

Roy Moore is facing complaints of ethics violations and accusations that he directed Alabama judges to defy the Supreme Court's 2015 Obergefell ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in all U.S. states. Activists filed complaints with the Judicial Inquiry Commission of Alabama, which will determine whether Moore will face ethics charges.

He blamed Ambrosia Starling, who he called a “transvestite,” for performing what he characterized as an illegal "mock wedding" on the court steps in January -- months after the federal high court legalized the unions.

“We're in a serious time in our country. We are at a time in our country when people who just a few years ago would have been ascribed a mental illness, a mental disorder,” he said. "When I started in 2013, if that would have happened then, this person and the people around her... would have been said to have a mental disorder... Today that person is violating and has violated a court order and is now bringing complaints against the chief justice.

Shortly after the Supreme Court's June ruling, Moore declared the high court doesn't have the authority to define marriage because of beliefs that God created marriage. He said in July that he believed same-sex marriage was legalized by people being influenced by Satan.

Moore is being represented by Mat Staver, a religious activist attorney from the Liberty Council, which also represented the anti-gay Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis.

"For months I've sat back while complaint after complaint has been filed by persons and individuals and organizations which have mischaracterized and misstated my position," Moore said Wednesday. "There is nothing in writing that you will find that I told anybody to disobey a federal court order. That's not what I said."

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