CNN punished Larry Wilmore for jokes by canceling ‘Nightly Show’ host’s appearance
Larry Wilmore (Screenshot/YouTube)

If you watched the White House Correspondents Dinner this year you saw a constant theme: Poking fun at CNN. There were jokes that caused Don Lemon to give comedian Larry Wilmore the finger and President Barack Obama talking about transitions, like the one Jake Tapper had to make when he "left journalism to join CNN."

Now, the Time Warner-owned cable news network is taking its angst out on comedian Larry Wilmore. While the Comedy Central host admitted he felt bad about mocking CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Mediaite reports he was booted from an interview following the dinner.

Knowing full well the jokes were said in jest, Don Lemon invited Wilmore to come on his CNN show to talk about Wilmore's use of the "N-word", the ragespasm that followed as well as political topics of the day.

Lemon even confirmed his use of the finger was "all in good fun" when he tweeted a selfie with Wilmore after the speech.

Wilmore was scheduled to come on Lemon's show Wednesday, May 4, but the appearance was suddenly cancelled by a CNN producer shortly before. The producer claimed it was due to the Indiana primary (which took place the day before) and the network instead had to cover politics. Wilmore's interview has yet to be rescheduled.

After using the “N-word,” articles were flying all over the internet about race and whether African-Americans have special access to the racial slur while whites do not. White conservatives were emotional over the thought that they were not allowed to us the hateful word. Wilmore would have been a huge guest for any network that scored the interview and it’s curious they decided to make the cut.

CNN still lags in second behind Fox News on most news coverage, but it always beats MSNBC, which continues to infuriate progressive viewers away from their station.