Creationist Ken Ham makes unmarried Noah's Ark employees sign chastity vows before hiring them
Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham appears in a YouTube video (Screenshot)

The state of Kentucky is hoping that creationist Ken Ham's new Ark Encounter theme park will create a lot of jobs, but it turns out those jobs come with a pretty big catch.

Fox13Now reports that Ham makes all prospective Ark employees sign a statement where they not only affirm they believe in creationism, but also disavow homosexuality and premarital sex. Ham is able to do this despite the fact that he's receiving $18 million in sales tax incentives to build the Ark and boost tourism in the area.

Not everyone in the Ark's hometown of Williamstown is enthusiastic about this, however. Baptist minister Bob Fox tells Fox13Now that he's concerned about the erosion of church-state separation with projects such as this.

“There’s kinds of laws called ‘Sharia,’ where people have used legislation and the government to promote a religious faith, and I think we as Christians need to be careful that we continue to be Christian, and to be Christian in the context of the United States," he said.

Regardless, the Ark is expected to open July 7, where it will be presumably staffed by dozens of sex-starved employees.